Is your tooth infected and causing you pain or irritation?

You may need a Root Canal Treatment to restore your tooth to optimum health. Previously if a tooth became infected or diseased it would have simply been removed. Today however, every possible step is taken to save all teeth and keep you with your natural teeth for life.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is the area of dentistry dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the dental pulp. This treatment is designed to save diseased or injured teeth and is necessary when the nerve of a tooth (or pulp) becomes diseased or infected with bacteria.

Why might I need a Root Canal Treatment?

If a Root Canal is not performed, eventually bacteria will destroy the pulp. The bone structure around the tooth will then become infected and will inevitably lead to tooth loss. To determine if Root Canal Treatment is necessary x-rays would be taken at your dental consultation, after which point a series of appointments would be assigned to you for treatment.

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